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Organizing your garage - or even thinking about it - can be a bothersome task for many homeowners. However, the sooner you get it done, the sooner you can make attractive, efficient and convenient use of that once cluttered, messy space!
Closet Organization Products
Garage-IT now offers professionally designed , quality crafted storage solutions for closets, pantries, laundry and utility rooms that enhance the utility and appearance of your home.

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"Get Organized With Garage-IT And Have a Place for Everything"
Our products
are specially designed to enhance the use and appearance of your garage.

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Overhead Garage & Bicycle Storage Installation

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Garages are often the most cluttered places in any home. Most people do not pay attention to the potential this space offers for creating an extensive and flexible storage area. In fact, people usually wind up leaving all sorts of items scattered about their garage creating a cluttered mess and wasting otherwise useful storage space. This creates a crowded, disorganized and dangerous situation with the potential risk for injury to persons and damage to possessions. With an Overhead Garage Storage Installation, the homeowner can effectively make use of an otherwise overlooked potential storage area in your garage. Fortunately there is now a variety of storage solutions designed to take advantage of spaces not often considered when trying to satisfy storage needs. These include our Overhead Garage Storage Systems.

Overhead Garage Storage Installation and Your Garage

Overhead garage storage systems make effective use of the ceiling area in your garage to meet storage needs. Using these systems enables you to remove the clutter from your garage floor and greatly expands storage capacity. In addition, overhead garage storage is an excellent solution for keeping delicate items out of harms way and for storing seasonal materials like decorations, etc.

Considerations to be undertaken for Overhead Closet Storage Installation

1) Plan the installation carefully and well in advance
2) Determine the storage capacity needed & the space available
3) Decide on the items to be stored, factoring in their size, weight, shape and dimensions.
4) Select the overhead storage products most suitable in size and strength to meet your requirements as determined in steps 2 and 3.

Once you have completed the above steps, you are well prepared to select the products and begin to layout your overhead storage solution. Garage-It specializes in overhead garage storage solutions including a variety of ceiling storage racks and hoists.

Bicycle Storage Installation

Storage items designed specifically to accommodate all types of bicycles offer another solution for garages which maximize space and decrease the risk of damage and injury. People normally lean their bikes against up against a garage wall in an unsafe and space wasting manner. Garage-IT offers numerous bicycle storage products which help you reduce the likelihood of accidents and reclaim valuable floor space including bike lifts, hoists, hooks and racks.

Garage-it.net – Premium Overhead Garage Storage Installations at Affordable Prices

Garage IT.net is a family owned business that provides you with a wide variety of premium garage and closet storage solutions. We apply our expertise to add value to your home and garage with custom designed and professionally installed storage systems. If you are looking for high quality storage solutions for any area of your home or garage then contact Garage-IT.net Today!

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